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Step up to a Healthier You with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit

Physical Activity

On the move to physical activity toolkit

Once you’ve been given the “go ahead” the next step would be to figure what kind of activities you would like to do.

There’s a great resource that helps you to decide what types of activities would be best suited to you. The On the Move Physical Activity Toolkit available online here.

This toolkit gives you the opportunity to identify what your particular needs are, what motivates you to move, and how you can fit sports and activity into your lifestyle.

Taking the Next Step

An elderly woman exercising in a

Now that you know what motivates you, what your barriers to fitness are and how to minimize them, what your lifestyle needs are, and what activities intrigue you…it’s time to get moving! Start looking for ways to be active.

  • Check out your own backyard for things to do.
  • Check the local newspaper for upcoming recreation events and activities.
  • Check the local parks and recreation calendars.
  • Check in with your local recreation clubs and community centres.
  • Check in with a friend or relative; join them in a recreation activity.
  • For more information contact: ACTIVE2010

Whatever you do, keep on trying, and remember...

Every little bit counts, and more is even better!

If you have been inactive, remember to check with your doctor before beginning a fitness activity. Whenever you start a new physical activity, start slowly and gradually increase the amount of activity and the intensity.


This Tool was adapted from the Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Assessment Manual, which is available from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology at