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Step up to a Healthier You with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit


Second-Hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke is a combination of poisonous gases, liquids, and breathable particles that are harmful to our health. It can lead to the following:

  • Sore eyes and throat
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Asthma attacks and ear infections
  • Sudden infant death syndrome [SIDS]
  • Miscarriages and low-birth weight
  • Leukemia and other cancers in pets
  • Heart disease
  • Headaches
  • Nasal sinus cancer
  • Stroke

Third-Hand Smoke

  • An invisible, yet toxic, brew of gases and particles that clings to a smoker’s hair and clothing, cushions and carpeting, which lingers long after second-hand smoke has cleared from a room.
  • Third-hand smoke has the same toxic chemicals as second-hand smoke.