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Step up to a Healthier You with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit

Stress Management

The Stress Response

Our body has a built-in system called the “Stress Response”. It is the physical arousal of the body in response to a perceived threat. This is the mechanism that is often called the “fight-or-flight response;” it gets our adrenalin going.

Homeostasis is defined as a balanced state of the body. When the “fight-or-flight response” is triggered our body moves from the state of homeostasis to a state of distress. This distress causes our hearts to beat faster and our minds to become sharp and focused. Once the perceived or imagined threat has been eliminated, our bodies return to homeostasis.

Problems arise when as we spend more of our time in the alarm stage without any recovery time. Some of us spend hours up there, some days, and some even years before we allow our bodies to relax.

Spending too much time in distress will eventually cause exhaustion. Stress exhaustion causes many health problems so it’s very important to break the distress line and help our bodies to relax.